Tribal Outdoor Gear

Making the world better by innovating, engineering, testing and refining quality gear enhancing accessibility to the human-powered outdoor experience.

The Tribal Trailer is for anyone wanting to do 4-season human-powered expeditions, with loads that are heavier than is comfortable to take in a backpack.  Our goal is to make it easier, more comfortable, and more fun to haul their equipment. These “expeditions” could be anything from arctic exploration to going camping with the kids.

We offer a patent-pending single-wheeled self-balancing 4-Season Pulk/Trailer,  enabling easier, more comfortable expedition travel and access to fun-filled outdoor adventure.



We started Tribal Outdoor Gear in 2015.  Our mission is to transform backcountry mobility for adventurers with reduced loading and increased comfort. After 8 prototypes and countless engineered refinements over 4 years, we invite you to join us in outdoor adventure with our refined, premium, patented products. Murray Pow, Tony Dopf, and Brent McConnell are from Canmore, Bragg Creek, and Calgary in Alberta, Canada. We're rooted in the Canadian Rockies, while spending parts of the year on Canada's wild West Coast, and in the Swiss Alps. Our products are engineered to last and field-proven for comfort and function.

Each of us approached the design challenge from unique perspectives and needs: Expedition Readiness, Family Escapes, and International Travel. We combined our skill sets of engineering, fabrication, and mountaineering with our passion and experience to transform how we move in the natural environment. Whether you're a professional leading an expedition, a weekend warrior guiding your family into the backcountry, or you're on a walkabout, get ready to transform your outdoor adventure experience with us!